Friday, 18 November 2016


When I go over to the farmshop with my friend, we go via the back lanes - so beautiful at the moment with the changing colours on the trees. On the way back this morning, we saw a barn owl on the side of the road, obviously injured. We stopped the car and got out, and S waded into the verge/brambles/nettles to try and get a closer look/see if we could help it. Poor thing wasn't going anywhere fast and had a broken wing. We gently got it into a cotton shopping bag (shopping flung unceremoniously all over the back seat) and settled it into the boot and closed the cover over it. 20+ mile detour to the wildlife refuge place at the local agricultural college. We took the wee owl into the office, the girl had a gentle look at him/her and had to say that the wing was very badly broken, but she would take it off to the vet straight away to have it looked at asap.
I've just heard from my friend that sadly, the wee one had to be put to sleep as the wing was too badly broken.

I've never been that close to a barn owl - although I've seen them in flight at night time. What a privilege to be so close to such a wonderful , beautiful creature as this. I'll never forget its wee face as it looked at me before it shut it eyes as she laid it into the cage for transporting it to the vet.
The trauma was just too much for such a small soul. I've cried for two hours, but at least it had a dignified and 'humane' death rather than being left out in the cold and wet to die unloved.
So, so sad.

Saturday, 12 November 2016

Good news :)

Went to have my blood pressure checked yesterday morning; very relieved to find it's finally returned to normal levels, although I might have to continue to take a second pill for it. Still, it's better than the alternative. We went over to the farmshop too, seems to have become a Friday morning ritual; it's a lovely place, and my lovely friend and I do a wee bit of shopping then have coffee/cake etc in the café there, watch the ducks and just have a good blether.  It's still very cold here, and yesterday as we drove through the wee lanes between the main roads, the trees are almost bare, gloriously coloured leaves swirled along the roadsides and the lochs were frozen in places.
I popped into the Co-op in town too, and managed to get a few reduced bargains :)  I buy prepared fruit salads, as they're more economical for me on my own, and I got several t a bargain price, and some greatly reduced shredded greens for the ducks which they enjoyed when I got back, and there's enough for another couple of days for them too; there's not much left in the garden to give them now.

I need to crack on with knitting, I got an order for another two pairs of socks, and have various things to mend for people too, something which I really enjoy doing.  My door curtains and poles have arrived, so I'll try and get to that next week I hope.

It's a really beautiful winter's day here, but cold, so will be busy indoors I think.

This is the farmshop/café we go to on a Friday - Loch Arthur.

Wednesday, 9 November 2016

The power of the hat

Discovered one of the best ways of keeping warm is to wear a hat - all the time, in the house too.  So I am, I have lots to choose from lol  I can also do most things wearing fingerless mitts when I need to as well.

The snow has melted, but there will be more quite soon I think, and the nights are very cold.

I spent the afternoon at a friend's house drinking tea and starting on my new bedsocks.

I found this lovely idea somewhere on the internet.

Tuesday, 8 November 2016

First snowfall

Galloway, 2 am.

Winter is here

Not had much interesting to say for a few days, so haven't blogged.

The weather has turned cold, as they said it would, and we have snow forecast for today/tomorrow; it might not reach here, but it won't be far away.  There was the first snowfall on the Galloway hills at the weekend.  I've stocked up on soup and Bovril, some other things for the store room and a bottle brandy.  I've taken to wearing a hat indoors, it's made a real difference.  I got my big scarf finished yesterday, and wore it for the first time in the afternoon - going to get a lot of use, it's really cosy.

I've posted off  three orders this week, and am now back to working on the black jumper - should knit up quite quickly as it's plain stocking stitch.
The saffron bulbs have arrived; a bit late, but I'll get them in today or tomorrow anyway.  I'm starting another mini-forest-garden-in a pot - autumn raspberry canes, underplanted with tansy and rosemary, with the saffron under them. My first pot - rowan, redcurrant and wild garlic - thrived last year.
I've ordered a couple of door curtains for the back and kitchen doors to keep the heat in when I'm here in the living room; remembered to order rails too!
Always tweaking the preps.

Friday, 4 November 2016

The cobbler's weans............

....  are worst shod. Yes, I've said that before lol  Out and about yesterday, I realised I could do with a good thick scarf for the winter, so I cast on with some beautifully coloured yarn from Wilkinson's, and now have half a scarf done - seriously chunky on seriously chunky needles.  it's a very different knit from my 4 ply Fair Isle hat, but I love it all. I'm hoping to get it completed over the weekend.

More seeds came this morning; I've been looking for runner bean 'Sunset' (as opposed to 'Sunset improved') for a while, and found them at Dobies site.

Runner Bean Seeds - Sunset

I also found the currant tomatoes I've been after for a while too

Tomato Seeds - Red Currant

  The seeds are from the Rob Smith range; not the cheapest of seeds, but interesting varieties.  I also bought tomato Artisan Pink Tiger, the purple podded pea Blauschwokker, Oxheart carrot, squash Honey Boat, the yellow podded Roquencourt dwarf French bean, and two of my favourite lettuces - Drunken Woman and Fat Lazy Blonde. I've grown these last two before, but the seeds aren't that easily available, so I stocked up on them.  Some things just have to be grown for their names as well as their flavours............

Cold here again today, but the wet and mizzly rain makes it seem chillier than 
I suspect it really is.  Not a day for outdoor work.