Monday, 24 October 2016

The nesting instinct

I spent yesterday afternoon knitting wee nests for a charity that rescues fledgling birds.  Very enjoyable project, I want to do a few more and get them sent away soon.  I'm sure the wee birds won't mind what colour they are :)

Sunday, 23 October 2016

Saturday, 22 October 2016

Busy week

It's been a busy week here, by my usual standards, but an enjoyable one.

Monday afternoon was the craft group meeting; in the evening the SWI were invited to a fellow SWI to share their craft demonstration of miniature crochet jewellery, which as it happened was by a friend of mine.  It was an  interesting demo and talk, her work is exquisite (Red Squirrel Crafts is her name). We had a wonderful tea and I came home with a bag of eating apples from the raffle.  Tuesday was a day at home, then on Wednesday evening it was our own SWI meeting here in the village.  The subject was members' rural and village reminisces; it was great fun and a photo of my granny's cousin Joe turned up out of the blue, so I've been promised a copy for my family history that I'm doing.  Thursday was the weekly coffee morning, a beautiful day and we were lucky to get to sit outside in the warm sun.  One friend had her Spanish visitor with her, there was lots of interesting talk and laughs.  Thursday evening I went with friends to see the Rheingans sisters at a hall where we go to the farmshop. The music was a great mix of European folk music, some singing in FRench (my favourite bits) - really original,  lively and inspiring - I need to get my fiddle out again soon and get back into it properly. Friday morning was the weekly farmshop visit; I bought some of their new organic Roquefort to try and a new Spanish goats' cheese.  I got some reduced double cream for making butter. We had the usual excellent coffee and cake too, ofcourse.

I've finished the third and final pair of fingerless mitts for the challenge I gave myself - to do three pairs in a week.  I've now got the autumn coloured cabled ones, the creamy, cosy waffly ones and the woolly Belted Galloway ones. I'm all set for the winter!


Next on the needles is another hat commission, but it won't be tonight. 
I've got myself organised and ordered a diary for next year - along with a small bay plant (I lost mine to the frost and snow last year) and a half price Mirabelle plum tree.  Bedtime reading tonight is the new Sarah Raven catalogue and the SWI magazine which arrived this morning.  It's very cold here, and dark now - it's only a week until the clocks go back - so I'll head up to bed shortly I think and coorie doon with some puzzles and some gardener's porn  lol

Wednesday, 19 October 2016


I was looking at a friend's fingerless mitts (bought) at the craft group the other day, and fancied a pair for myself.  She commented that I'd probably manage to get three pairs done my next Monday - so I took that as a challenge, to and from myself, not her. The first pair is done and the second are on the needles today.

Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Tripe on the menu

Not literally, but so much of what is written on menus, food sites and in magazines etc is utter tripe. I wish folk would speak and write properly, not be lazy or think it's  hip and trendy to use utter rubbish to describe their food.

Mayo is a county in Ireland. Mayonnaise is the word you are looking for.

'On a bed of' - no. A bed is something you sleep on or grow flowers in.

Potato chips - sliced and fried potatoes; not crisps.

'Kids' menu' - are yous serving baby goats now?

Sides - teams of Morris dancers. The term you are looking for is side dish.

Mains - something that water or sewage flows through. The term you are looking for is 'main courses'

Slaw - is it really so hard to type the cole in front of this one?  The dish is coleslaw.

'shrooms - is it really so hard to type mu in front of this one? The word you seek is mushrooms.

'To go with' or the equally dreadful tgw - no, the main dish is served with or accompanied by (not 'with') whatever the item is.

Pan-fried - you can only fry something in a pan.............

Burger - hamburger or beefburger. Describe it properly.

Chips should be served in a bowl - not a twee little shopping trolley wire basket or a miniature seaside bucket.  Paper only for take away chips.

Mason/Kilner jars - they are for preserving food and storing it - not for drinking or eating out of.

Slates - they go on your roof, not under your food.

Wooden boards - they're for chopping or slicing bread on, not for serving food on so the sauce goes all over the table, the cloth and you.

Vegan 'milk' and 'cheese' - no.  They're not milk and cheese, they're very poor and unwise choices to replace the decent and healthy milk and cheese. Call it something else.

Sarnies - how the hell did the word sandwich transform into this abomination?

Before anyone says, yes, 'first world problems' and all that, I'd like to point out that I am grateful every day for having food to eat and having the luxury of choice. I'm just fed up with the lazy and silly ways that food is described just to try and appear hip and trendy.

Next subject - the bastardisation of food; the travesties of pizza, Bolognese sauce, lasagne, beefburgers et al.


Monday, 17 October 2016

Hats and hearty breakfasts

It's got noticeably colder here over the past few days and colder still as it turns to night. Yesterday and last night were peppered with very heavy short showers, wind, it was very cold and we had thunder too; my thought inevitably turn to winter. I'm well organised this year, and well prepped for anything that winter might care to throw at me. I've still got a lot of sorting, tidying and putting away to do, but I know that everything I need is in the house/yard/garden.

Back to the post title - the hat is an order for an autumnal coloured hat which has been nicely achieved with Sirdar Folksong wool.  It's a beautiful wool to work with, wool and acrylic mix and the colours are wonderful, really reminiscent of a walk in the woods in autumn. I'm going to knit one for myself too I like it so much.

Had a hearty breakfast this morning, satisfying to both body and soul as it was home produced - home cured bacon from a while back and scrambled fresh duck eggs; can't be beaten (so to speak).