Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Wednesday ramblings

A cold and wet start to the day here; I wanted to get outside and work in the garden, but am rained off, and it doesn't look like clearing up.  I'll be indoors again, sorting out and tidying, doing housework stuff. Oxlips have arrived, so need planting out or potting up, also wallflowers and a crab apple tree.

I finished by Outlander shawl, and have to say am totally delighted with it. Everything is just 'right' with it.  The yarn is completely right for it - the colours, the weight, the tension, everything.  It's one of the most pleasing things I've ever knitted.  It had been in my Ravelry queue for a while, so that's another one ticked off - just another 780 odd to go..................  I love Ravelry :)

The leftovers have been used to make a crochet owl hat for a friend; I got the main part done last night, just the eyes, beak etc to get done today or tomorrow.  Next on the needles are knitted pumpkins for seasonal decorations - the pattern from the wonderful Landscape magazine.

I was well off colour over the weekend, which translated pretty quickly into a cold; not too bad, but head, throat and nose affected, off my food and couldn't sleep.  Luckily it has all but disappeared now, after dosing up with homemade honey remedies.

I am starting to work my way through the SWI federation show schedule - lots of things I would like to enter. When I do things for a show, I always try and make things that I can use myself or give away, after putting so much effort into them.  I've sorted out a few things so far, ready to make, and am waiting for a reply from the secretary as to a few queries I have.  I love entering the shows and seeing what others are making and being inspired by them.

The rest of the week will be taken up with organising a MacMillan coffee morning and a social night in the Bothy. I will put my feet up at the weekend!

Monday, 26 September 2016

Outlander shawl

I loved the Outlander series, which I watched on DVD - one of the few things I will watch more than once.  One particular attraction for me was the costumes, they really were wonderful.
I was after another thickish winter shawl to knit, so had a look on the ever dependable Ravelry and came up with several options.

The pattern I'm following is 'When in Scotland' by Rilana Riley-Munson



I've gone for the colours in the Lion brand version, though, which is this one - 'Transported to 1743' by Lion Brand.

I managed to get the exact colours for it, in the Lionbrand range

The yarn is 100% acrylic, not normally something I'd go for when knitting a shawl , but the colours had to be right fro me, and the yarn is very soft and a complete joy to knit with.  I love the shaping at the centre back, it's very pleasing.

Friday, 23 September 2016

Friday - I think............

I've spent the greater part of the day thinking it was Saturday - so have got a sort of bonus extra day tomorrow lol

Went over to the farmshop this morning - a lovely sunny and warm morning, after a very heavy dew started the day. Tried their chocolate and beer cake - will have to have a go at that one!  Very good, with a bottomless mug of decent coffee, lots of talking and laughs; got some shopping and bits.

Pottered about this afternoon, not much achieved really, but can make up for it tomorrow probably.  My crab apple tree came, and I've other plants that need dealt with tomorrow too.

It's turned really stormy out there - blowing a hooley down the chimney here and gone really cold. My thoughts have turned to winter preps - have ordered brushed cotton nightshirts and hyacinths for forcing.  I need to knit myself two pairs of bedsocks and a new scarf, possibly a nightcap might be a good idea too. I can't find a suitable pattern, so will just wing it for the nightcap.

In the meantime, am off for an early night with the local paper and a bottle of chardonnay.

Hope all are well.

My little helpers....

Thursday, 22 September 2016

Mabon blessing

Mabon blessing

At this time of equal light and dark,
And of ingathering,
May you find balance and abundance in your life
And wish some of your good fortune upon others.
Blessings to you

Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Definitely autumn....

Another  beautiful day here, but it's suddenly got decidedly chilly now - 7.15 pm.

A pottering sort of day - bit of tidying and sorting, some crochet, baked a crusty loaf and a gingerbread for the rural competition tomorrow night.

The Fuggles hops arrived - from my last garden; gave them  a couple of hours in the dehydrator.  There's enough for a couple of gallons of beer.  My bines here are small, but doing well so far, might bear a few hops next year.

Had a very simple supper of sautéed Swiss chard with garlic, white wine and parmesan - easy and delicious.

On my mind..........

..........   my garden that is.  New blog post at Becoming Grounded:

I feel that autumn  is a time for new beginnings, new ideas, renewed enthusiasm in my garden; lots of talk in books, magazines and online about planning for next year - this is what fills me with hope and optimism when I'm getting slapped in the  face by wet privet hedge, my hair tied up in swaying brambles, and not being able to see the paths through the garden.............   but still things grow.

I feel buoyed up by the delivery of garlic and winter onions, with the promise of shallots to follow when ready; by the delivery also of ornamental onions - a free p&p only order that was far too good to pass up on; by the knowledge that I have seeds of all the winter vegetables that are recommended to start soon; by the optimism of having a real and thorough go towards self sufficiency in fruit and veg, after my success of buying no bread so far this year but baking all of my own; by my subscription to Kitchen Garden magazine (20 packs of free seeds and the first 3 magazines for £5); by reading books about strong and resilient women on their own and doing things for themselves.

Today, I feel that anything is possible................